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Vital statistics
Title Spirit of Vengeance
Spirit of Justice (Corrupted)
Gender Male
Race Demon
Fallen Angel
Faction Spirits of Vengeance
Health Not Applicable
Level Demonic Fire Spirit
Status Possessing Johnny Blaze
Location Earth

Zarathos is a Spirit of Vengeance known for being the spirit that took possession of motorcyclist Johnny Blaze, transforming him into a Ghost Rider. Originally an angel of God, Zarathos was a Spirit of Justice responsible for maintaining harmony and preserving innocence within Creation. However, he was deceived into joining Lucifer's rebellion and cast down to Hell with the rest of the Fallen. There, he was stripped of his wings, corrupted and driven insane, becoming the fiery Spirit of Vengeance. His mission to protect the innocent and preserve harmony was perverted into a lust to punish the guilty and iniquity.

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