Vilma Rodriguez is a sweet, innocent, good-nature highschool girl who discovers she is a Nephilim on her eighteeth birthday.

On Vilma's eighteeth birthday, she began to exhibit strange abilities along the migranes, aches, and pain of her body. Soon she would of encountered angels at her door step. The Powers destroyed her home and family, yet she somehow made it out alive. When she went looking for help, she was instead kidnapped and trapped in a professers house. She was rescued from her highschool friend, Aaron Corbett who she realized was like her. A nephilim, but just not any nephilim, the redeemer! Now reunited with her friend, Aaron and meeting with Azazel, she travels with them to find the "Light bringer" to answer, Aaron's questions.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Vilma can spreading her wings

Omnilingualism - Vilma Rodriguez could understand all languages, even animals and plants.

Pyrokinesis - After Aaron teaches her to tap into her angelic nature, Vilma can summon heaven fire bolts or summon burning swords completely at will.

Flight - Vilma can spread her wings,how ever, she doesn't know how to fly it. Yet it assume soon she'll learn.

Untitled 2

Vilma summons a burning sword

Superhuman Strength - Vilma can also exert greater physical force then any normal human, as this was shown in her fight with Azazel.

Superhuman Speed - It assumed, Vilma could move at speeds that wouldn't be visible to the normal human eye.

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