Vessels, also called Meatsuits, are physical bodies or people, living or dead, who serve as hosts for disembodied beings, such as spirits. Ghosts and angels both use vessels to physically exist on earth. 

Vessel TypesEdit

  • Phantom Vessels - The Phantoms of the Phantom Zone use vessels to physically exist and they endow them with whatever powers they had while embodied. Phantoms can only remain in their vessels for 24 hours before the vessel dies from the possession. They are physically characterized by solid black eyes, high fever, and alterations in genetics.
  • Angel Vessels - The vessels of angels are usually created by the angel who possesses them. They are created to possess superhuman strength, speed, agility, senses, resistance to injury, fortitude, healing, courage, and precision in battle, along with soundlessness in their movement and the power to heal the wounds of others. They loose these abilities if they fall from grace. The vessels of fallen angels are completely human. In whatever case, the vessels experience no adverse affects from possession.