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The Vengeance Demon Anyanka, the Patron Saint of Scorned Women.

Vengeance Demons
(or justice demons) are a society of powerful demons originating from the hell dimension Arashmaharr. Their mission is exact vengeance on the behalf of wrong humans (particularly scorned women, dying people, or neglected children) via granting wishes. Their ranks were gathered by D'Hoffryn, Lord of the Vengeance Demons, who chose out humans that sought their revenge.

​Powers and Abilities

The powers of a Vengeance demon were stored within a pendent they wore around their neck. Destroying the pendent render them human and undo their wishes.
  • Wish-granting: Vengeance Demons could grant the wishes of humans (and vampires) which could alter reality to possibly limitless extents. This includes creating alternate demons. Vengeance Demon could undo the wishes granted at will if they wanted.
  • Superhuman Strength: Vengeance Demons possessed strength greater than humans. They could lift fully-grown adults with one hand and send them flying with a single blow.
  • Superhuman Durability: Vengeance Demons were impervious to most forms of harm. For example, a sword to a chest wouldn't kill them. Instead, the sword can be safely removed without any ill-effects afterwards.
  • Shapeshifting: Vengeance Demons could shift between their human face and their demon face - one with exposed veins.
  • Immortality: Vengeance Demons did not physically age. They could live thousands of years.
  • Teleportation: ​Vengeance Demons could teleport over long distances instantly in a whirl of energy. However, they couldn't take others with them. Also, teleportation was a privilege and not a right. As punishment for her lack of work, Anya was forced to file a flight plane for every teleportation.
  • Telekinesis: Vengeance Demons could move objects with their mind, such as repelling enemies with a hand gesture.
  • Empathy: Vengeance Demons could sense the emotions of others. This was how they sought out their wronged person, by feeling their pain as their own. They can also sense the presense of a human soul.
  • Mind Control Immunity: ​Vegeance Demons were immune to mind control, including those of witches. However, a witch with enough power could overcome this.
  • Flight: ​Vengeance Demons could fly unsupported.
  • Energy Projection: Vengeance Demons can fire offensive energy blast from their hands.

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