Vampires are an evolutionary sub-species of the human race depicted in the 2001 film The Breed. Described as a genetic offshoot of the human race - something both more and less than human - vampires are predatory by nature and require fresh human blood to survive. The the world of The Breed a synthetic blood substitute has been developed to allow vampires to assimilate with humanity peacefully, albeit living in a world of darkness, pleasure, pain and decay so uncanny that it was described as a parallel universe.

Appearance Edit

Pallor Complexion Edit

Vampires are noticeably pale.

Elongated Canines Edit

A trademark of a vampire are its elongated and sharpened canines, or fangs.

Biology Edit

Procreation Edit

Vampirism is a evolutionary disease or blood-borne pathogen that is transferred to a new host via blood-transfusion from the "doner" to the victim. An existing vampire drains a victim of blood to the point of exsanguination and near-death. At that moment before the victim dies, the vampire severs its own flesh, usually bu biting into its wrist, and quickly offers its blood for the dying victim to drink. The victim must drink quick less the wound seals up and he or she dies.

Once having taken a small amount of blood from the vampire, the victim dies and supposedly rises as a new vampire within three days (the actual transition from human to vampire is not seen in-film). New vampires are ravenous with blood-hunger. 20% of the total human population is naturally immune and the vampiric gene. The infection may potentially pass on via infected blood getting into an open wound.

Nutrition Edit

Human blood is the sole natural source of nutrition for vampires. Vampire society has developed a synthetic substitute for human blood to help them cope with the demands of living in human society.

Preternatural Abilities Edit

The transformation or "infection" of the vampiric gene results in a variety of mutations and enhancements that endow the subject with dramatically increased physical attributes, senses and lifespan.

Extended Lifespan Edit

Their lifespan is measured in hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The passing of decades does not affect them as it does with humans; their bodies do not weaken and their appearance does not change.

Enhanced Muscle-power Edit

Vampires experience a dramatic increase in strength and overall physical power regardless of their size, weight or muscle-mass. They are described as incredibly strong, being able to bench-press large trucks single-handedly with no visible effort. A small vampire can easily lift a large grown man with one hand. Strong passions such as anger or grief can increase their strength to such an extent that they can crush a man's skull or shatter reinforced glass prison cells designed to withstand high explosives.

Accelerated Reflexes Edit

A vampire's reflexes and movements are so much faster than those of a human.

Heightened Senses Edit

Their senses are refined to levels similar to those of wolves and bats.

Adhesive Agility Edit

Vampires can adhere or scale walls with their bare hands.

Tissue Regeneration Edit

Any non-fatal wound regenerates in seconds, leaving no scars.

Preternatural Vulnerabilities Edit

Ultraviolet Light Edit

Sunlight is not fatal, but caused minor irritation. Vampires remedy this by wearing sunglasses during the daylight hours.

Silver Edit

Vampires have a genetic weakness for silver similar to an extreme allergy. Wounds caused by silver bullets will not heal until the bullet is removed.

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