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Vampire Angels are winged celestial spirits who are possessing the body of a vampire.


Vampire angels can be created in two ways; if an angel falls from heaven and takes possession of a corpse, or if a powerless angel's vessel is sired by a vampire. 

When a vampire angel takes a victim of the opposite sex, the act is pure eroticism. A vampire angel's bite can bring exquisite physical and emotional sexual gratification to both the vampire and victim. A vampire angel's need for blood is stronger than any sexual urge and the release they receive from fulfilling that need is a fine substitute for sexual release. The victim of a vampire's bite experiences the sexual release from the bite often called a vampire's 'kiss;' the act of sucking blood from them brings the same pleasure as orgasm or ejaculation. Victims often describe the experience as 'cumming' inside a vampire's mouth with blood. However, if the victim is someone for who the vampire angels feel anger or hate, the bite is agonizing for said victim. 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - Vampire angels possess the inhuman strength inherent in vampires; able to lift average vehicles with ease. One vampire angel can single-handedly defeat a medium-sized army.
  • Super Speed - Vampire angels are faster than the human eye. They can use their inhuman speed and reflexes to dodge incoming attacks or projectiles.
  • Super Senses - Vampire angels possess canine-level senses; able to hear whispered comments from some distance away, smell blood, and see in complete darkness.
  • Super Agility - Vampire angels possess superior balance, coordination, and dexterity. They can also move and interact with the world without making any sound.
  • Super Stamina - Being undead, vampire angels do not get tired nor do they need to eat or sleep. They do not require oxygen. 
  • Healing Factor - Vampire angels heal instantaneously from any bodily injury. They are exempt from all forms of human disease and illness, including mental disorders.
  • Flight - Vampire angels can fly or levitate.
  • Telepathy - They have telepathic and empathic abilities.
  • Mind Control - They can control the minds of humans and nocturnal animals.
  • Teleportation - They can teleport from one place to another. 
  • Telekinesis - They can control the direction of the intensity of the wind with this power. They can even control their own blood either inside their body or outside; they can create 'blood whips' that can cause great damage and strike with staggering force, or they can make their heart
  • beat.
  • Blood Magic - Vampire angels are endowed with immense power by their angelic souls. As vampires, the 'fuel' of their power is blood. They can create 'void swords' that suck the vitality of those that it hits and gives it to the vampire, as well as 'chaos claws' which are gauntlets of fire which can break down an opponent's shields and armor. Other abilities include shape-shifting into a wolf, turning into a flock of bats or a cloud of mist, making themselves invisible to the human eye, and being invulnerable to fire.


  • Sunlight - Their undead skin is burned by sunlight.
  • Fire - Fire can consume their skin and reduce it to ash instantaneously. The oldest and most powerful of their kind are invulnerable to fire. 
  • Wooden Stakes - A wooden stake, or otherwise sharp object made of wood, through their heart will kill them.
  • Decapitation - Decapitation kills them as it does humans and other undead.
  • Heart Removal - Removing their heart will kill them.