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Vital statistics
Title Kent Clark (Birthname)
Gender Male
Race Augmented Human
Faction Crime Syndicate of America
Health Virtually Invulnerable
Level High
Status Alive
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Ultraman is a homicidal megalomaniac.

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Powers Edit

  • Augmented Physiology: Ultraman's superpowers stem from alien experimentation upon both his body and his mind. These aliens used their technology and information gathered from observing Superman's powers to mutate and change Kent's body to nearly match that of a Kryptonian, albeit a flawed one with a reverse physiology. One interesting facet of Ultraman's powers is that where Superman has superpowers, Ultraman chooses to call his abilities 'ultrapowers' to further differentiate himself from Superman.
    • Green Kryptonite Radiation Absorption: The core of Ultraman's powers are his cells's ability to absorb and metabolize the radiation of green Kryptonite in the same way that Superman's body metabolizes yellow sunlight.
      • Ultra Strength: Ultraman's ultra strength is effectively the equivalent of Superman's super strength; he can bend steel and crush diamonds, throw trucks and lift thousands of tons.
        • Ultra Stamina:
        • Ultra Leaping:
        • Immobility:
      • Ultra Speed:
        • Ultra Reflexes:
        • Unstoppable Momentum:
      • Invulnerability:
        • Accelerated Regeneration:
          • Ultra Durability:
          • Longevity:
      • Enhanced Senses:
        • X-Ray Vision:
        • Ultra Hearing:
        • Microscopic Vision:
        • Telescopic Vision:
      • Heat Vision: Similar to Superman, Ultraman possesses his own form of heat vision that functions the same as Kryptonian heat vision.
        • Green Kryptonite Flare:
      • Freeze Breath:
        • Enhanced Lung Capacity:
      • Flight:

Abilities Edit

  • Skilled Hand-to-hand Combatant:
  • Skilled Marksman:

Vulnerabilities Edit

  • Blue Kryptonite:
  • Yellow Solar Radiation:
  • Magic:
  • Mind Control:
  • Physical Limitations:

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