Thralls are a race of half-vampires who possess some vampiric abilities, but lack the power to fly or turn a human into a vampire. They made their first appearance in the 2005 vampire film Thralls. The only way for them to acquire full power is to either be turned by a full vampire or to use the power of the Necronomicon.


The vampire race that thralls descend from were created by the demon Belial. He took human corpses and inserted his spirit along with that of their previous occupants in an attempt to create the perfect monster in his own image. However, he succeeded only in making them look human again.


How a thrall is created has never been specified. It is known that all thralls were originally human until they were bitten by a vampire. This implies that a vampire's bite is what births a thrall. However, it is also possible that an exchange of blood is needed; it is possible for two or more thralls to turn a single human by draining him or her of blood and then replacing it with their own. The only way for a thrall to complete the transformation is for either a vampire to turn them or to use the power of the Necronomicon.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Thralls are undead and possess some vampiric essence, though not the full power of a true vampire. They have been described as the "white trash" of vampires, as they are considered second-class within the vampiric hierarchy.

  • Superhuman Strength - Thralls are strong enough to overpower most grown men with ease.
  • Superhuman Speed - Thralls can move with the same lightning speed as vampires.
  • Superhuman Senses - Their senses are heightened to 11.
  • Healing Factor - They are impervious to disease and heal faster than humans.
  • Demon Form - They can take on a demonic form and also have tenticles that can suck blood from victims.


Despite being only half-vampire, thralls are subject to the same weaknesses as a full vampire.

  • Sunlight - Sunlight will burn their skin.
  • Silver - Silver is opinions to them and its touch will burn them.
  • Heart Damage - Severe damage to the heart, such as a wooden stake, will kill a thrall.