The Darkness
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Chaos
Cursed Soul
Dark Wyrm
Gender Not Applicable
Race Not Applicable
Faction Unaligned
Health Not Applicable
Virtually Indestructible
Level Not Applicable
Status Not Applicable
Possessing Vessel
Location Earth

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Darkness Wielder Abilities:
    • Immortality:
      • Accelerated Regeneration:
        • Super Durability:
    • Darkness Armor:
      • Invulnerability:
      • Super Strength: The armor of the Darkness augments the strength of the vessel a thousandfold; well over the 100+ US ton limit of incalculable strength. Not all Darkness wielders are equal in strength depending on their physical condition, but all armored wielders are capable of easily lifting objects thousands of times their own weight, and all Darkness wielders eventually find themselves in peak physical performance after a few years wielding the Darkness due to the strenuous physical effort of fighting the Angelus and the like. Humans, even an army, are powerless against an armored wielder as he can decimate whole legions single-handedly.
      • Super Speed:
      • Super Stamina:
      • Super Agility:
    • Darkling Abilities:
      • Telepathy:
      • Super Strength:

Abilities Edit

Vulnerabilities Edit

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