The Darkness known as Amara, She is the Older sister of God, and Aunt of The Archangels (Lucifer, Raphael, Micheal, Gabriel) and Other Angels.

Biography Edit

She was The First Being to Exist before her brother God.

Personality Edit

She was very vengeful against her brother God for locking her way.

Appearance Edit

Amara was a Beautiful Woman with a Black Dress and black Nails

Powers & Abilities Edit

The Darkness is a Extremely Powerful Entity, she is Stronger than Her Brother God

Powers Edit

  • Immortality - Amara can Live longer in her Vessel
  • Shadow Manipulation - She can manipulate it at will.

Weakness Edit

  • The Mark of Cain

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to Death, That Amara was the First Entity to Exist before The Universe and Her Brother God, Death and The Archangels.
  • She was The Aunt of Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael the Archangels and Castiel and Other Angels. Geat-Aunt of Nephilim, Queen of Sheba, Jack, Jane.

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