To certain Native American tribes, the Crow is the carrier of souls between life and death. They believe that, upon death, the Crow will carry the soul from the land of the living to the land of the dead; the afterlife. But sometimes, something so terrible happens to a soul that the sadness and anger left by the departed spirit is carried over into death with it and the Crow cannot take them to rest. When this happens, the Crow will bring that soul back for a time to "put the wrong things right"; redeem the soul of its burden and enact justice on those who enacted evil unto them in life.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Undeath, Immortality & Heightened Senses Edit

The Reborn are clinically dead; their hearts cease to beat, their blood-flow is ceased thus they do not bleed, their skin is cold and and pale and their bodies devoid of heat, their organs saturate over time, they no longer require oxygen or nutrients, and their nerve-endings are dead rendering them inured to pain. Their remaining senses of sight, smell and hearing are however unhindered by their deadened nerves and are in fact heightened to 11. They can see beyond the 20/20 spectrum even in total darkness; able to see perfectly clearly from far away like a bird-of-prey. Their hearing and olfactory senses are akin to those of canines and felines; able to track any scent like a bloodhound and hear whispered comments from some distance away.

Otherworldly Strength Edit

From the moment of their reanimation, the Reborn are possessed of a supernatural bodily strength comparable to that of the combined muscular press and power of 10 Olympic bodybuilders; sufficient to one-handedly bench-press an average truck with ease. In fits of passion, a Reborn my tear open a safe, break free of handcuffs, rip a man in half, send grown men flying with the slightest touch, and break through concrete walls. They also possess a preternatural speed and coordination to complement their strength, allowing them to quickly and seamlessly out-muscle even those individuals regarded as "untouchable."

Catlike Agility & Accelerated Reflexes Edit