Succubi, more commonly called Succubus, is a powerful she-devil who feeds upon the energies of mean by first feeding upon their spiritual energies by invading their dreams and then visiting them in the night to have sexual relations and feed upon their bodily energies through imbibing their semen. Succubi camouflage themselves as voluptuous young women to secure their prey; only revealing their true form while feeding upon men's semen - a terrifying winged woman with bat-like talons and serpentine tongue; as beautiful as they are abhorrent. Lilith is said to be the first succubi and is revered as Queen.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Demon Physiology: Succubi are powerful demons descending from the second-tier of Hell's hierarchy. They draw their power from the Demon of Lust Asmodeus as well as that of their Queen Lilith. They are believed to have been archangels of feminine love before Sammael's fall from grace; thus their powers are derived from the feminine lust of men. Succubi are strong of both body as well as willpower - which manifests through their powers of seduction and manipulation of weak-willed men. Stronger succubi can seduce even strong-willed men, while lesser succubi can only dominate the wills of men with lesser willpower.
    • Immortality:
      • Accelerated Healing:
        • Super Durability:
    • Super Strength:
    • Super Speed:
    • Wing-Propelled Flying:
    • Soul Consumption:
    • Dream Invasion:

Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities Edit


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