Sorcerers are people who have the power to effect change by magical means ("sorcery"). They are basically like a warrior version of a Witch. A sorcerer can be either male or female, good or evil, as they are given supernatural powers that allows them to practice sorcery.

Sorcerers have access to this power because they are born with the ability to use their entire brain at one time, unlike common men and women who only are able to use about 10% of their brain. This additional brainpower means that sorcerers are generally also more skillful with calculations and have better reactions than most humans, making them generally quicker than common men in battle, possibly because of their sorcery.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sorcerers are highly powerful and possess strong elemental magical abilities such as fire and electricity. 

They can use telekinetic magic to pick things up and throw people (or other things) against a wall, conjure illusions, animate objects and statues, transform things, command animals and compel people into doing what he wants, conjure fire, bewitch objets, blast their foes by shooting them with powerful plasma bolts, and cast a wide array of magical spells. Some Sorcerers have the ability to conjure a living dragon and make it into a real fire-breathing creature. Sorcerers with dark powers including the ability to change appear ances to fool their victims and foes and to disappear and reappear. Even when sorcerers become a spirit even without a physical body, they can also possess people. And they can avoid attacks (physical and magical) when these attacks only phased through them and not harm them. Yet, spirit sorcerers are weak against eletricity.

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