Silent Hill is a haunted North American town located in New England. The town is run by a doomsday cult known only as The Order. 

The OrderEdit

The Order is a heathen doomsday cult that is the only political and religious body within the small town. The Order's religion is an invented or false religion that draws its beliefs from Christianity, Japanese folklore, Aztec rituals, and Native American beliefs. The Order worships the fallen angel Samael as a deity. They also believe in and reveres a female sun deity known only as "The God". They believe that The God was created by Man when a man and a woman offered a serpent to the sun. The God relieved humans of their immortality so that they could experience the release of death. She created angels to serve her and to aid in her efforts. Finally, The God lost her powers and died. Before her death, she promised that she would return to usher in Paradise to her worshipers by destroying Humanity.

The Order is responsible for the town's supernatural curse. Their depraved acts have caused the town's inherent supernatural powers to become corrupted.

The Fog WorldEdit

The Fog World is an alternate or parallel plane of physical existence that exists within Silent Hill. The Fog World is a world filled with thick mist and fog and it is constantly "raining" ash.