Seduction - also called Luring or Enchantment - is the ability to sway another person through romantic or sexual attraction; usually achieved by means of a superhuman force of personality, often through either paranormal abilities, biological influences, or psychic manipulations.

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Physiological Edit


Within the lore of DC Comics, the Almeracians are a human-like species of extraterrestrials native to the planet Almerac. Although males are regarded as potent lovers, females are the dominant gender of the planet by means of both physical acumen and their endorphin-infused kiss.

Supernatural Edit

Succubi Edit

Sexual predators through and through, succubi possess an innate talent for seduction. They can perceive a victim's emotional vulnerabilities and sexual needs; playing on them to become lover, sister, mother, and friend as needed to ensure consummation and the subsequent feedings.

Vampires Edit

While not overtly sexual, vampires very often become sexual predators in their hunt for blood. As such, vampires do possess a certain charisma and perceptiveness that manifests as an amorous force that can sway their victims into sexual trysts where feeding may easily take place.