These fairies are dangerously homicidal and are known for mercilessly killing travelers who trespass their territory. Their hats are red because they soak them in the blood of their victims, and, according to lore, Redcaps have to kill regularly because if the blood dries on their hats they will die.


He usually takes the form of an short old man with a large mouth full of sharp teeth. His eyes are fiery red and his arms end in talons sharper than those of eagles. He wears iron boots, carries a pikestaff, and wears a red cap upon his head. The latter is the source of his name, and Redcap periodically redyes his cap by drenching it in human blood.


Redcaps are said to murder travelers who stray into their homes, sometimes by pushing boulders off cliffs on to them, or pushing them from the ramparts of their castles.


It is impossible to escape a Red Cap despite the iron-shod boots he wears. They constantly made strange sounds which resembled the sound of beating flax. When this sound grew especially loud, it was a portant of death or misfortune. The only way to escape one is to quote a passage from the Bible. Quotations from the Bible cause this faery intense pain making it flee.