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Harold Jordan
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Power Ring
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Crime Syndicate of America
Health High
Level High
Status Alive
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Notorious for his selfishness and cowardice, Harold Jordan was working as a marginalized janitor working for Ferris Aircraft. Desperate for a livable wage, Jordan had been secretly taking notes to sell Ferris Aircraft's secrets to competitor until he was eventually caught by his boss Carl Ferris for spying on his daughter Carol Ferris.

Confronted, Jordan begged him for forgiveness in which his fear caught the attention of the Ring of Volthoom, attached to the alien Abin Sur. The alien, dying from his injuries, made one last wish to give Jordan the ring that he deserved. The ring, accepting its new host, spoke to the lowly janitor and seductively bullied him in a feminine voice into accepting the blessed curse.

With the Ring, he brutally beat Carl Ferris within an inch of his life, emailed all of Ferris Aircraft's secrets to its competitors to collect the money, and left to take control of various local criminal operations in the underworld, using the power of the Ring of Volthoom to intimidate the petty criminals, pimps and drug lords to swear fealty to him.

Within a few short years he met and began a sexual relationship with the promiscuous Superwoman, and through her met Ultraman and Owlman. The three of them, realizing the benefit of teamwork, banded together to form the Crime Syndicate of America in their desire to take control of all criminal dealings in the country as well as establish empires of crime, prestige and power to ensure prosperity for themselves and the country.

Effectively, they became the government of the United States, regulating finances and political powers to fit their agendas. It was only during this time that Harold knew true happiness. He carries on his illicit affair with Superwoman, often participating in foursomes with Ultraman and Owlman. They lived a comfortable, degenerate lifestyle free of accountability and responsibility beyond maintaining their criminal empires, which was no hard task as they had ensured the loyalty of their underlings through fear.

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Ring of Volthoom Edit

  • Invulnerability:
  • Super Strength: Power Ring's super strength approaches that of an empowered Kryptonian like Ultraman, although he still must put forth considerable effort to confront Ultraman in a physical fight as his strength is not exactly equal. Harold can lift over 1,000 tons with ease, bend steel in his bare hands, toss tractor-trailer trucks, send grown men flying with the slightest touch, rip men apart, break down concrete walls, rip open safes, and shatter diamonds.
    • Super Leaping:
    • Super Stamina:
  • Flight:
    • Super Speed: Power Ring can instantaneously accelerate his flying speed to supersonic levels faster than the eye can see, leaving a thunderous sonic boom in his wake.
      • Unstoppable Momentum:
  • Sense Fear:
    • Fear Projection:
  • Energy Blasts:
    • Forcefields:
  • Accelerated Regeneration:
    • Slowed Aging:
    • Super Durability:

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