Original Vampire
Vital statistics
Title Old Ones
Original Family
Gender Male
Race Primordial Vampires
Faction Themselves
Health High
Level High
Status Active
Location Earth
"The Originals, the first generation of vampires. The oldest vampires in the world. The Originals are too strong, too cruel. They would destroy humanity if they could, would enslave the world in darkness and evil. They are the Original Vampires, and from them all, vampires were created."

The Original Vampires, also called The Alpha Vampires, The First Ones, The Old Ones, or simply The Originals for short, refers to a small group of extremely powerful vampires who are known the first of their bloodline and the first-existing generation of vampires, making them the oldest, strongest, and most powerful vampires in the world. These vampires are created through supernatural means rather than through an exchange of blood.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the first and oldest vampires in the world, the Original Vampires powers and abilities are the most advanced and, as their advanced age grants them much more strength and power than subsequent generations, by far superior to any other species. It is possible that their powers grow stronger with time. Some of these abilities are exclusive to them, making them among the most powerful supernatural creatures on Earth. In addition to having no sires, the Originals are also stronger than even the oldest of their "children." These are their standard abilities as the first generation of vampires.

  • Immortality - Originals possess eternal life and are exempt from old age and unattractiveness. They are unaffected by disease or poisons. They are at least +5,000 years old in the novel and +1,000 years old in the series.
  • Invulnerability - Their accelerated healing makes them unharmed by conventional weapons that would easily kill a human.
  • Superhuman Strength - Originals possess immense superior strength compared to that of humans, shapeshifters, and even the oldest normal vampires. They are among the strongest creatures in the supernatural world. Newly created Originals possess strength equivalent to that of a 1,000-year-old vampire. Like normal vampires, their strength increases with age.
  • Superhuman Speed - Originals are even faster than humans, shapeshifters, and normal vampires, moving so fast, they almost teleport. They grow faster with time.
  • Superhuman Agility - Originals are endowed with much more agility than normal vampires. These abilities improve over time.
  • Healing Factor - Originals possess remarkable recuperative abilities; able to regrow lost limbs.
  • Superhuman Durability - Originals can take far more trauma than normal vampires.  
  • Mind Control - Originals can control the minds of humans and even other vampires and hybrids.
  • Fire Immunity - Originals are unaffected by fire, corrosives, or extreme heat.  
  • Day Walking - Originals are unaffected by sunlight through the use of daylight rings. 
  • Flight - Originals can fly like normal vampires.


  • White Oak Stake - A stake fashioned from the wood of an ancient White Oak tree can permanently kill an Original.
  • Vervain - Vervain burns an Original's skin on contact.
  • Invitations - Originals cannot enter a house unless they are invited.
  • Werewolf Bite - It won't kill them like other vampires, but it causes hallucinations and serves as a mild irritant to an Original.
  • Wood- It cant kill them, but a wooden stake through their hearts will immobilize them for a short time.

Known Original Vampires by Universe Edit

  • Dracula, the Original Vampire and the oldest of the Originals in the tv show Dracula
  • The Alpha Vampire, one of the Original Vampires in the tv show Supernatural
  • Lilith, one of the Original Vampires and the oldest female original on the show True Blood
  • Akasha, one of the Original Vampires on the movie Queen of the damned
  • Adam, one of the Original Vampires
  • Vadoma, one of the Original Vampires
  • Mr. Snow, one of the Original Vampires
  • Mother, one of the Original Vampires
  • Marcus, one of the Original Vampires on the movie series Underworld
  • Viktor, one of the Original Vampires
  • Amelia, one of the Original Vampires
  • Mikael, one of the Original Vampires
  • Elijah, one of the Original Vampires on the vampire diaries and its spin off the originals
  • Finn, one of the Original Vampires
  • Klaus, one of the Original Vampires and the Original Hybrid
  • Kol, one of the Original Vampires
  • Rebekah, one of the Original Vampires and the youngest of the Originals
  • Alrica Saltzman, the first enhanced Original Vampire
  • Black Hat, an Enhanced Original
These are all the members of the Original Vampires.
  • Dracula - The oldest and most powerful of the Original Vampires, making him the first, oldest, strongest, and most powerful vampire in the world. He was created, not sired, by making a deal with Lucifer, or the Devil, himself.
  • Alpha Vampire - The second oldest member of the Original Vampires. He was made by eve (mother of all). He helped Dracula himself spread vampirism afterward.
  • Lilith - The third oldest Original Vampire, Lilit is the first female Original Vampire, making her the oldest female vampire in the world.
  • Akasha - The fourth oldest and second female Original Vampire. She is also known among vampires the "Queen of the Dead."
  • Adam - The fifth oldest of the Original Vampires, he is powerful leader of an order of vampires. He survived for centuries, leading non-original vampires through many different periods of the world.
  • Vadoma - The sixth oldest Original Vampire, she is Adam's younger sister. She is the third female Original and is also the most ruthless member of the Originals.
  • Mr. Snow - The seventh oldest Original Vampire, he is said to be an ancient vampire.
  • Mother - The eighth oldest Original Vampire. She an "ancient" vampire that is one of the acknowledged leaders of the vampire world and was the fourth female Original.
  • Marcus - The "middle" child of the Original Vampires.
  • Viktor - The eighth youngest member of the Original Vampires.
  • Amelia - The seventh youngest member of the Original Vampires, she was the fifth female Original. She is also an Original of considerable age and strength.
  • Mikael - The sixth youngest of the Original Vampires, as well as the original vampire hunter as he hunts his children who are the titular originals and hunts Klaus above all
  • Elijah - The fifth youngest of the Original Vampires. He's the noblest member of the Originals and is "A Man of his word."
  • Finn - The fourth youngest of the Original Vampires. He is calm and quiet, even during confrontations.
  • Niklaus - More commonly known as Klaus, he is the third youngest member of the Original Vampires, and later became the Original Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid. He is the most feared and hated of the Originals.
  • Kol - The second youngest Original Vampire.
  • Rebekah - The youngest member of the Original Vampires and the sixth female Original Vampire. She's also the most free-spirited of the Originals.
  • Alaric Saltzman - A hunter who was human, but then turned into an enhanced original to end the vampire species.
  • Black Hat - An enhanced Original vampire.