Necromancers are Dark Witches who practice a form of magic that deals with death, darkness, and decay.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - Their pact with Death makes them immortal.
  • Flight - They can levitate and fly under their own mystical power.
  • Electrokinesis - They have been seen to utilize mystical electricity. This power can kill mortals.
  • Teleportation - They can appear and disappear at will with no physical trace.
  • Telekinesis - They can use telekinesis to levitate obects or use it offensively to "push" people with concussive force.
  • Resurrection - A key Necromancer ability. They have the power to raise the dead either as zombies or as fully restored.
  • Superhuman Durability - They have superior physical durability and tolerance for physical pain than humans.
  • Blood Magic - Necromancers can utilize blood in their rituals. This blood can be that of an animal, a human, or their own blood.