Kira pushing a man.

Mind Control also called Mental Domination, Mind Manipulation, or Brainwashing is the ability to modify the opinion of people, generally by magic. Contrary to hypnosis, the aimed person kept his or her personality or consciousness, but was inferred in a thought, an idea, a paranoia, an action or a mood in a repetitive and obsessional way. In other cases, it can involve of inferring a mental blocking.


Mind Control/SuggestionEdit

This aspect of Mind Control allows users to control people's words and actions. 

Memory ManipulationEdit

This aspect of Mind Control allows the users to manipulate a person's memory making them have memories that are not real or making them forget all or some of their past.

Mind OverloadingEdit

This aspect allows the user to overload another person's mind causing pain, loss of consciousness or death.

Illusion CastingEdit

This aspect of Mind Control allows users to enter the minds of others and place them in illusionary worlds of their creation.