Leszy martaemilia

Leshys are creatures of the slavic mytology, wich live in forests. Their life purpose is to protect their forest from all dangers. If someone wants to do any harm to the woods they make them get lost. In rare cases, if they think the person is too dangerous they tickle them to death.

Appearance Edit

Leshy by wezyk-d8k1qcv

They usually appear as tall men whose entire bodies are covered with grass,their hair and beard are essentially entangeld leaves and vines. They also have horns, tails and hooves which look like wood or grass, there skin under the grass is pale white, which somtimes seems a little bit bluish because of they have blue blood. Another special aspect of there appearance is there glowing green eyes.

Behavior Edit

Leshy by jamesdesign1-d8pt3of
Leshys arent completely evil, like the demons, nor completely good, like the angels, they care only about there forests. As long as there forests are out of all dangers the Leshys are kind, but if someone is hurting there forests, or the creature itself, the Leshys become dangerous. By imitating the voice of your loved ones and with illusions they make you get lost in the forest, but if you cause too much dangers, to the forest or to the Leshy, they tickle you to death.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Shapeshifting:Leshys can transform into any animal or plant of the forest, they can even decide how tall they want to be. "They can be as small as the smallest halm in the forest or as tall as the tallest tree in the forest."

Animal Control:They can comend all animals in the forest to do his will.

Vocal Mimicry:Leshys can mimic human voice.

Magical Contract:Leshys often make contracts with humans, so the they font to anyting in the forest without the permission of the Leshy. In exchange the Leshy will protect there animals from all predators of the forest

Illusion Manipulation:They can create illusions

Weaknesses Edit

Nou Shadow:Leshy doesn't gave shadows in neither forms.

Eyes:There eyes are glowing green in all froms.

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