In Balinese mythology, Leak (Leyak) is the wicked witch. Le meaning witch and ak means evil. Leak only can be seen at night by the shaman hunter leak. In daylight it looks like an ordinary human, while at night it was in the cemetery to find the organs in the human body uses to make magic potions. Magic potion that can change the shape leak into a tiger, monkey, pig or be like Rangda (Queen of all Leaks). If necessary it can also take organs from living people.

Belief Edit

Leak in Bali's sort of scary demon. Told also that Leak can be in the form of a human head with the organs that are still hanging on the head. Leak said to fly to find a pregnant woman, to then suck the blood of babies still in the womb. There are three famous leaks. Two of them are women and one men. According to Balinese belief, Leak was a man who practiced black magic and need embryonic blood to live.It is said also that Leak can turn themselves into a pig or a ball of fire, while the actual shape of Leak has a long tongue and sharp teeth.

Mask of leak with sharp teeth and long tongue is also sometimes used as a home decoration.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Magic: Leak can use magic, but it only works on the island of Bali.

Shapeshifting: Leak can be transformed into various creatures.

Weakness Edit

If someone stabbed Leak from the neck down to the head when the head separated from his body, then Leak can not be reunited with its body. If the head is separated at a certain period, then Leak will die.

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