The Kawatche Skinwalkers are members of the Kawatche Native American tribe who possess the power to shapeshift into wolves. Very similar to werewolves, skinwalkers of the Kawatche tribe are endowed with the responsibility to guard and preserve both the lands of their tribe in Smallville, Kansas as well as the preservation of the Kawatche caves which detail the story of the star-man Naman. The Kawatche believe that Clark Kent is Naman, and thus the skinwalkers are tasked with his protection and reverence while simultaneously guiding him into service to the Kawatche people against LuthorCorp and other threats to their lands.

History Edit

The first skinwalkers appeared 500 years before the 21st Century when the Kawatche tribe were first active in what would later be known as Smallville, Kansas in roughly c.1516 A.D.E. According to spoken Kawatche lore, a man from the stars descended from the heavens and fell in love with the mother of the Kawatche tribe. From their union, the Kawatche people were born; bred with the ability to transform into wolves and call upon canine abilities to protect their people as well as their lands. The skinwalkers were fierce warriors endowed with bestial strength and animalistic ferocity.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Shapeshifter Physiology: Similar to other shapeshifter breeds, the Kawatche skinwalkers are able to change their bodies at the cellular level to match that of a specific species of animal; in the case of the skinwalkers, they share their genus with Canis Lupus - wolf. While in human form, skinwalkers possess all inherent abilities and characteristics natural to wolf breeds; including enhanced sense of smell and hearing as well as the speed to run at a maximum of 37 mph and a top biting strength of 1,200 lbs. Skinwalkers can summon aspects of their lupine features while in human form to increase their attributes.
    • Super Strength: While in human form, a skinwalker possesses strength relative to that of a wolf; able to exert 400 lbs normally, and 1,200 lbs when defending themselves or others. They can exert immense force and lift heavy but common weights easily. In wolf form, skinwalkers are twice as strong; able to lift and bite with a force of 800 lbs normally, and 2,400 lbs - 1.2 tons - when angered or exerting themselves through bites or claws; they can rip a man apart easily as well as strike opponents with force equal to that of a speeding car when combined with their speed.
    • Super Speed:
    • Super Hearing:
    • Super Olfaction:
    • Night Vision:
    • Accelerated Healing:

Abilities Edit

  • Trained Hand-to-hand Combatants:
  • Trained Hunter-Gatherers:

Vulnerabilities Edit