David Rice Teleporting (click for animation)

Jumpers are people who have the ability to teleport, both themselves and whatever or whoever they have with them through time and space.


Teleportation: Most who have the ability begin to show signs of this at the age of five, and most Jumpers don't make it to adulthood as the Paladins keep hunting them down and killing them. A few Jumpers however, have managed to stay alive and fight back, tracking down and eliminating Paladins. Griffin O'Connor is probably the best example of one of these kinds of jumpers.

This war between jumpers and the Paladins has been going on since the dark ages, and has only gotten worse as the Paladins have obtained high tech equipment and weapons that use to track down and kill the jumpers.

Jumpers can teleport any large object with them as long as it moves (such as a car). They can not teleport things such as buildings, because they can't move on their own and the strength required normally kills them. David Rice is the only Jumper who has managed to jump an entire apartment at once, and even then the effort almost killed him.


Electricity: Jumpers are vulnerable to electricity. When in contact with it, they can't teleport, as it interferes with their nervous system and pulls them back whenever they try to jump. It also injures them more every time they try. The paladins noticed this and fasioned all of their weapons to shoot electrical wires at the jumpers, so they can pin them against walls and other things, trapping them there.


Jumpscars are dangerous. They are fabric of space, and time. They will stay in the air like Smoke from a pipe lasting for atleast Several Seconds. This is how Paladins Follow Jumpers. When a Jumper jumps they open there own personal wormhole from one place to another. Jumpscars will shed anyone, or thing that touches it. Only a Jumper Can step forth in the previous Jumpers Jumpscar. This is why Paladins do not use any Convenitial Weapons such as firearm Around Jumpers. They have invented a Powerstick which can be shoot though a Jumpscar getting them Jumper, and bringing Him, or Her back to there previous Jump Location. Each Jump can be different depending on the Mood, and Determination of a Jumper. When Mad, Sad, and in a Rush. The Jumpers Jump can cause extreme Damage to the enviorment causing many objects to be destroyed. While easy jumps can happen when the Jumper is in a Good Mood, and state of mind.

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