Hypnosis is the psychic ability to put one into a trance-like state of extreme suggestibility.

Also CalledEdit

  • Compulsion
  • Glamour
  • Hypnotism
  • Mesmerization
  • Fascination
  • Siren Song


Vampires can control the minds of humans, including thoughts, desires, and memories. It is handy for getting humans to do what they want. When vampires compel, they look into the subject's eyes. The vampire's pupils appear to dilate. They can either say what they want the human to do or think it.

There can be some elements of telepathy to hypnosis as well. If the vampire has entered a human's mind in the past and is currently in immediate distress, with deep concentration, the vampire can telepathically "call" on the human. The human will be able to get a "sense" that something is wrong - in addition to any strong messages from the vampire (for instance, the vampire will be able to lead the human to them). The human won't be able to hear any voices, but only have a strong urge to go somewhere or do whatever the vampire is calling on them to do.


Sirens can vocally emit a beautiful song that entrances people and subliminally compels them to either follow any predetermined orders given by them in the song, or to try to reach the source of the song, no matter what dangerous obstacles are in the way of the path (it may even just mesmerize a subject or make them want to dance). And it is not uncommon that the power will only work on males; if so, females will not even hear it, let alone fall prey to it.