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"Ghost are dead. We're very much alive. You have no idea what it's like. The power of it, the freedom. It's amazing what you can do when you don't have to look at youself in the mirror anymore."

Hollow Men, als called The Invisible Men, are a group of humans that are literatly and completely invisible to the naked eye of humans. They are among the rarest supernaturals.


Invisibility: As their name is literatly in the ability, Hollow Men have the ability to become completely invisible at will to the naked eye of humans. When visible light particles contact their bodies, they are not reflected, but instead pass directly through them without any distortion. This is because the photons pass through the spaces between the atoms of their bodies without physically interacting with them in any way. Because visible light passes through them and therefore cannot be perceived by his eyes, Hollow Men can no longer see along the visible light spectrum.


Although Hollow Men are completely invisible to humans, they do have weaknesses.

  • Inferred - Probably their main weakness, it allows humans to literately see Hollow Men by putting on something that can detect their body heat.
  • Mortality - They are mortal so they can be killed the way normal humans would.
  • Hollow Men - When a Hollow Man comes in contact with another, they cant see each other.
  • Fire or Water - When they are hit by water or fire, they can be scene.
  • Stronger Beings - Despite the fact Hollow Men are completely invisible, they can be seen, or at least, sensed by stronger beings, such as vampires.

Known Hollow MenEdit

  • Nigel Griffin, the Original Invisible Man
  • Rodney Skinner, Invisible Gentlemen Thief
  • Sebashtian Cane
  • Michael Griffin
  • Frank Turner
  • Clara Griffin

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