Vital statistics
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Gender Male


Race Human-Demon
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Status Low
Location Earth

Hellspawn are humans who have been given infernal bodies and abilities after making deals with fallen angels.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Their masters endow them with many powers.

  1. Agelessness - Hellspawn do not age and can potentially live forever.
  2. Superhuman Strength - Hellspawn are strong enough to throw cars with ease.
  3. Shapeshifting - They can shift between their human and demonic forms as well as take on the form of others.
  4. Flight - They can fly with either their capes, wings, or simply under their own power.
  5. Healing Factor - They do not get sick and heal in seconds from wounds with no discomfort.
  6. Teleportation - They can teleport.
  7. Healing - They can heal the bodily wounds of others.
  8. Resurrection - They can raise the dead.
  9. Nocturnal Animal Comunion - They can resonate with animals such as rats, roaches, worms, bats, and wolves.
  10. Illusion Casting - They can alter a person's visual perceptions.