The Forsaken are the first generation of vampires within the mythology of the 2001 film The Forsaken. The Forsaken began as a holy brotherhood of nine French knights who fought in the First Crusade. After being brutally defeated by the Turks, eight of these knights made a Faustian blood pact with the fallen angel Abaddon in return for immortality and the strength to vanquish their enemies. After going their separate ways, four of the Forsaken were slain while one nested in Africa, one in Europe, and one remaining in the United States after Kit was vanquished by Sean and Nick.

Biography Edit

Known Forsaken Edit

Kit Edit

Powers Edit

The Forsaken, being both the oldest as well as the purest vampires within the lore of the film as they derived their vampirism directly from the blood of the demon Abaddon, are undoubtedly the strongest and most resilient of their breed. The full extent of their abilities was never revealed, nor was it shown if different strains of vamprism from the remaining three Forsaken would cause different changes or mutations that would result in different abilities. What they did exhibit was superior strength and resistance to injury, telegenetic communion, as well as a deeper hunger for blood than normal vampires.

Basic Powers Edit

  • Immortality:
  • Super Strength: As per their agreement with Abaddon, the Forsaken possess strength far in excess of the human threshold. Due to their background as knights, each Forsaken undoubtedly possesses considerable training and experience as fighters. This would afford them great strength in their human lives which only increased significantly upon their conversion into vampires. Being the original vampires, the Forsaken are doubtlessly stronger than their descendants; able to manhandle them and humans with relative ease, as well as disembowel men casually. They seem to be able to press the weight of the average car as Kit pushed away Sean's company car seamlessly.

Unique Powers Edit

  • Telegenetic Communion:

Weaknesses Edit

Restraint Edit

  • Excessive Force: Interestingly, because their preternatural strength is still fundamentally limited, a Forsaken can be held in place by excessive force or weights. This was revealed when Sean was able to pin Kit to a wall by colliding into him at high speeds with his company car and then proceeding to drive into him with the gas peddle floored. While he was just strong enough to keep the vehicle from overrunning him, Kit was visibly and greatly pained as he resisted the full force of the car's horsepower, unable to break free until the abused vehicle finally exhausted its emptying gas tank.

Vulnerability Edit

  • Blessed Ground:

Destruction Edit

  • Direct Sunlight:
  • Flames:
  • Decapitation:

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