Backstory Edit

Creation Edit

Characteristics Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Forsaken Vampirism -
    • Immortality -
      • Accelerated Regeneration -
        • Super Durability -
    • Super Strength - The Forsaken possess the highest degree of vampiric strength due both to their age as well as the purity of their blood as they were sired directly by Abbadon. Kit was able to overpower any man - lifting them single-handedly off the ground by the throat effortlessly - as well as push away a speeding car driving directly at him at high speeds with seemingly no lasting strain. Their superior strength makes them alpha predators among vampires as well as leaders among any vampire nest they encounter or sire for themselves. Their strength aids in their sword-fighting; allowing deadly strikes.
    • Heightened Senses -
      • Night Vision -

Abilities Edit

Weaknesses & Limitations Edit

Weaknesses Edit

  • Daylight -

Limitations Edit

  • Zephyr -
  • Arch -
  • Baron -
  • Duke -

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