A Familiar is a supernatural being that serves a witch.


By all appearances, a Familiar seems to function as a servant to his or her witch. However, the Familiar must find their witch, rather than the other way around. Once chosen, it appears they cannot leave their master and find another one.

Familiars spend half their time as animals, and the other half as people, although it's not revealed which half they start out as.

A Familiar has free will, and can voice their own opinions, but cannot disobey a direct order from their master.

It is claimed that a Familiar and their master share a special bond and would die for each other. This proves to not always be the case, as Spencer kills his Familiar without a second thought.

Not all witches have Familiars, and the fact that Dean didn't know about them suggests it's actually quite rare.

They also die as easily as an ordinary human and seem to be quite weak.


  • Shapeshifting - Can take on an animal appearance.
  • Telepathy - Can communicate with their masters. But can be blocked if the master chooses to.
  • Magical Knowledge: Familiars are like tiny little librarians who specialize in magic. Although the are not all-knowing they can make mistakes or misunderstand things. They are not limited to a certain area, however, they tend to lean specifically towards the kinds of magic the Witch specializes in. They cannot preform magic themselves unless the Witch has spelled/charmed them. Often you will see familiars with markings, collars with charms, and so on that hold power for the familiar to use. They can store magic in a way that is best described like bundling up electricity, giving the Witch a 'burst' of power at any given time.
  • Healing Factor: Being that they tend to live very long lives when their bodies shouldn't they become more than a body once the initial bond is made. They have rapid healing and can even grow entire body parts back if it comes down to it. Because a familiar is bonded with you on a level that is magical itself if you become hurt the familiar will feel pain and vise versa. If they heal themselves a part of you becomes healed. Being around your familiar works much like aspirin, you feel better and its a cure all for minor aches and pains.
  • Enhancement: Abilities the familiars form has often are enhanced naturally. For example if a familiar is a feline they have amazing agility, hearing, and eyesight. This is supernaturally enhanced.


Known FamiliarsEdit

  • Portia
  • Philipe
  • Kit or Katrina in form human form