Fairy-Vampire Hybrids
True blood fv
Warlow the first Vampire Fairy Hybrid.
Vital statistics
Title Fay Bats

Fairy Vamps

Mystical Vampires

Fae bloodsuckers

Half-Fairies Half-Vampires

Gender Male & Female
Race Reanimated Fairies
Faction Various
Health Medium
Level Low
Status Active
Location Earth and Avalon

Fairy-vampires are fairy that have been turned into vampires. For centuries it was thought such a combination could not exist. The main reason being that vampires find fairy blood so delicious, they would be unable to stop themselves from killing the fairy before they could complete the turning. Fittingly, the only vampire-fairy, Warlow, was created by Lilith herself.


Warlow, as indicated in the Book of the Vampyr, is one of the progeny of Lilith. He caused his makers downfall thousands of years ago and has been active in some form even in the common Era. His name is known to those who have studied the Book of Lilith, but he remains a mysterious figure.

Since Warlow, the feat of creating another vampire-faerie hybrid does not appear to have been replicated. It is likely not even considered, given how few vampires know about faeries in modern times. Since other supernatural creatures like weres and maenads cannot be turned, it was probably thought that fairies couldn't be either. Warlow himself was only found out due to a relatively random series of events.



Fairy-Vampires are indistinguishable from normal Faeries and appear as they did when they were turned. Their minds can still be read by fairies and halflings. Like vampires, they have fangs that extend and retract willingly, though they can be stimulated to extend unwillingly. Since Warlow came into physical contact with Sookie and Niall without arousing suspicion, it also seems that vampire-faeries have functional circulatory systems and are warm to the touch like faeries. Faerie-vampires can subsist on mortal food like faeries, or on blood like vampires.

Though they appear human, the true form of a fairy-vampire is like a goblin.


Psychologically it seems Fairy-vampires are unable to control themselves once the sun sets, Warlow who is over 5,500 years old and should have better control over his bloodlust is unable to stop himself from attacking once night falls. This may be because Vampires are natural predators of Faeries and thus a Hybrid would be slightly unbalanced due to the conflicting essences, Vampires are creatures of darkness, while Faeries are creatures of light. Its possible that Warlow couldn't control his thirst because of his maker Lilith never taught him how, just like vampires.

This variable lack of control is specifically driven by the thirst for blood it seems, as Warlow only demonstrated uncontrollable urges at night-time whenever he was hungry. Warlow was able to drain Niall Brigant (a faerie elder who should be completely irresistible to any vampire) without consuming his blood, thereby confirming that he does have some level of control, it only varies according to hunger, which is the norm for most vampires irrespective of their age.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Combined Faerie-Vampire Abilities: Fairy-vampire hybrids possess all the powers of faeries and vampires. As with normal vampires and fairies, faerie-vampire hybrids become more powerful as they age, in terms of both their fae and vampiric abilities.
    • Superhuman physical abilities: Fairy-vampire have the supernatural ability to jump, run and move at amazing speeds. Faerie-vampire are even stronger than most supernatural creatures.
    • Hypnosis: The supernatural ability to control and manipulate the body, the mind and the soul of a person.
    • Advanced Healing: The supernatural ability to heal all infections and injuries at an accelerated rate.
    • Immortality: The supernatural ability of eternal life and youth.
    • Superhuman senses: The ability to hear, see , smell and taste beyond the human limit .
    • Telepathy: Fairy-vampire can read the thoughts of any sentient creature that emanates brain waves , which excludes the vampires, who are dead and so do not have brain waves. You can " turn off" this ability, concentrating hard enough.
    • Photokinesis: Faerie-vampire can create and manage large bundles of light with their minds, using this ability to attack an enemy or topple large objects.
    • Dimensional transport: As normal Faerie, Fairy-vampire are able to send others in other dimensions, against their will.
    • Sealing: Fairy-vampire locks are also capable of binding and branches.
  • Silver & Invitation Immunity: Thanks to their heritage fairy, Fairy-Vampires possess the ability to enter the homes of human's without an invitation and are not affected by silver, making them far more powerful than either vampire or faerie.
  • Maker abilities: The maker/progeny bond seems to function the same for faerie-vampires as it does for standard vampires, since Bill (or rather, Bilith) was able to command Warlow. 

Faerie-vampire Blood AbilitiesEdit

  • Fairy-vampire bloodV Abilities: The blood of a faerie-vampire also combines the powers of both species. It can be used as V but also enables the Fairy-vampire to daywalk indefinitely. In addition, drinking the blood of a vampire-Fairy seems to increase or somewhat replenish the powers of a halfling, whose powers are normally finite.
  • Daywalking Abilities: Consumption of fairy-vampire blood by a standard vampire grants them daywalking indefinitely. Not only this, but when regular vampires feed from another regular vampire that has already consumed some amount of faerie-vampire blood, then they too acquire the daywalking ability, thereby indicating that its effects have a contagious nature. However, if the faerie-vampire meets the true death, then any vampire who gained the ablity to daywalk through that faerie-vampire's blood, loses this ablity.
  • Healing power: The blood of a fairy-vampire is capable of healing both vampires and humans alike; it can heal humans because of the vampiric nature of the blood and it can heal vampires because of its part-fae nature.
  • Perpetual Nourishment: Based on Warlow's conversations with Sookie, it can be presumed that 2 fairy-vampires can indefinitely sustain each other by feeding off each other's blood, something ordinary vampires themselves are incapable of as normal vampire blood doesn't heal vampires.


  • Stakeout:It is revealed that, even if it is not instantaneous as in normal vampire, Faerie-vampire may be killed by staking. Like ordinary fairies, a fairy-vampire returns to its original / true appearance which is a human-sized goblin-like creature.
  • Super Nova: Warlow was seen to get burned by the "Super Nova" technique, hinting he has some vulnerability to faerie magic despite being one himself. Considering the speed with which he recovered from the burns however, this power is not as lethal as for normal vampires.
  • Faerie Magic: In addition to the above mentioned "supernova" vulnerability, faerie-vampires can also be restrained by objects enchanted by fae magic, which can leave them susceptible to attack from even younger vampires.