Elias Morrow
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Eli
Spirit of Vengeance
Spirit of Justice
Ghost Rider
Gender Male
Race Spirit
Human (Originally)
Faction None
Health Disembodied
Deceased (Bodily)
Level Satanic
Status Possessing Roberto Reyes
Deceased (Bodily)
Location Los Angeles

Biography Edit

Demeanor Edit

Description Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Satanic Spiritual Empowerment:
    • Ghost Rider Transformation: While he is not a Spirit of Vengeance nor a demon, Eli possesses the essence and occult knowledge necessary to perfectly imitate the powers of a Ghost Rider and manifest them through whichever body he is currently possessing. Those possessed by Eli inherit effectively all the powers of a Ghost Rider; super strength, the Penance Stare, immortality, virtual invulnerability, dominion over hell-fire, control over hell-fire-empowered chains, the power to consume souls, and the power to Ride any vehicle with personal significance to the Rider. Eli's vessel is an easy match for true Ghost Riders such as Zarathos.
      • Hellfire Dominion: As a hellish spirit, Eli's spirit manifests as eldritch flames erupting from Hell. As his powers parallel those of a Spirit of Vengeance, Eli endows his vessel with dominion over Hellfire. Eli's Ghost Rider form possesses the same powers of Hellfire as a Spirit of Vengeance such as Johnny Blaze or Daniel Ketch. Even when possessing a vessel not manifesting Ghost Rider powers, Eli still manifests through Hellfire and skeletal presence such as that of an animal or wolf or lion. He is himself impervious to Hellfire and thus the Penance Stare will only hold him for a limited time.
    • Demonic Possession:
      • Bestial Demonic Transformation:
      • Super Strength: Just as within his Ghost Rider form, Eli's bestial demon form possesses strength sufficient to lift objects up to 666 times hos own weight; approx. 66.6 tons. This makes him an animalistic powerhouse capable of plowing through entire neighborhoods in a fit of rage. His strength is such that he can only be defeated through the power of love and the internal willpower of the vessel he is currently possessing. He can defeat Inhumans and Enhanced with relative ease, even those possessed of considerable superhuman strength of their own acumen. Eli's strength is strengthened by his rage towards death.

Abilities Edit

Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Vulnerabilities Edit

Paraphernalia Edit

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