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Vital statistics
Title Destroyer
Gender Male
Race Unspecified Undead Kryptonian
Faction None
Health Virtually Invulnerable
Level High
Status Undead
Location Earth

The abomination known as Doomsday is the last of a breed of supernatural creatures indigenous to the planet Krypton.

Origin Edit

The breed of creatures from which Doomsday originates were undead revenants created through unknown circumstances which resulted in a preternatural reanimation of preserved corpses. The corpses of ancient Kryptonians rose from death, mutating and evolving into the Doomsday creature. In the Kryptonian language, the name for these beasts translates roughly into "Catastrophe."

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Similar to vampires in their strength and ferocity, and very reminiscent to zombies in their carnivorous appetites.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Undead Mutated Kryptonian Physiology: Doomsday possess no internal organs and is entirely solid in his mass, regurgitating all organs slowly upon reanimation as the Doomsday creature's body mutates and evolves to become the ultimate killing machine. This affords him great strength and durability with or without the empowerment afforded by a living star's light; roughly equivalent to that of twenty mature Kryptonians of apex strength, weighing in at around 10 tons of muscular exertion when using his full strength. This made him a formidable opponent to Kryptonian military forces. Although undead, Doomsday is still Kryptonian in essence and is nourished by a living star.
    • Effective Immortality:
    • Virtual Invulnerability:
      • Accelerated Regeneration:
    • Super Strength: As mentioned above, Doomsday possesses the standard 10-ton super strength limit inherent to his breed of undead. This applies to any environment, regardless of the presence of a living sun to empower his cells. Doomsday's strength is related to his emotional state; the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. He cannot, however, go past the 10-ton limit without the presence of a living star to strengthen him further. While empowered by a living sun, Doomsday's inherent - albeit unliving and mutated - Kryptonian heritage increases his strength sixfold; allowing his muscles to exert 60-tons of destructive force at maximum bodily exertion.
      • Super Leaping:
    • Super Speed:
      • Super Reflexes:
    • Super Stamina:
    • Flight:
    • Heat Vision:
      • Solar Flare:
    • Super Vision:
      • Telescopic Vision:
      • Microscopic Vision:
      • X-Ray Vision:
    • Super Hearing:

Abilities Edit

  • Master Hand-to-hand Combatant: