Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Tormentors of the Damned
Gender Variable
Race Dark Spirits
Faction Lucifer
The Fallen
Health Immortal
Level Infernal
Status Active
Location Hell

Demons are spirits of living darkness created by the fallen Arch seraph Lucifer after his exile from the Firmament into the Pit. Calling upon his limited knowledge of creation, Lucifer fashioned shadows - the substance of nothingness itself - into infernal beings bound to his celestial will alone. Under Lucifer's influence, demons became universal engines of his wrath and architects of torment just as Lucifer himself was once an engine of the Creator's wrath and an architect of Creation. After Lucifer corrupted mankind, he charged his demons to harass and tyrannize the lost souls of the damned lest they be tortured themselves.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Infernal Being:
    • Immortality:
      • Super Stamina:
    • Possession:
      • Super Strength:

Abilities Edit

Gallery Edit

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