Demons, also called the Demon Horde, are a fictional group depicted in the 2014 film I, Frankenstein. They are angels who have been cast from Heaven with Satan. They are the enemy of the Gargoyle Order. Their goal is to defeat the gargoyles and gain dominion over the Earth.


Demons possess many abilities.

  • Immortality - Demons can live forever.
  • Possession - Demons take possession of humans to exist in corporeal form on Earth.
  • Super Strength - Demons possess increased physical strength compared to humans.
  • Super Agility - Demons can jump higher and further than humans.


  • Sacramentals - Demons can only be slain (or "descended") by Sacramentals, the weapons of the Gargoyle Order.
  • Gargoyle Symbol - cuting the symbol of the Gargoyle Order will banish the demon's soul back to Hell.(yasssssssss)

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