Dark Shadowhunter
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Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Demonic Nephilim
Faction Themselves
Health High
Level High
Status Active
Location Earth

Dark Shadowhunters are beings from the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. They are Shadowhunters who have drunk from the Infernal Cup, a mixture of the ichor of the Greater Demon Lilith and the blood of Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, the original Dark Shadowhunter.

Those who have drunk from the Infernal Cup gain superior strength and agility compared to most Nephilim and equivalent to that of Downworlders. However, they become unable to use seraph blades due to the demon blood and the fact that the seraph blades call upon the spirit of an angel.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dark Shadowhunters can be seen as a hybrid of the abilities of Nephilim, warlocks, and faeries.

  • Immortality - Being technically half-warlock, Dark Shadowhunters have the potential to live eternally without ill affect.
  • Superhuman Strength - They possess inherent Downworlder strength in addition to the strength granted them by the angelic Strength Rune. This puts them in league with vampires, one of the most physically powerful Downworlders known to exist. They can overpower normal Shadowhunters with ease.
  • Angelic Runes - Being Shadowhunters, and therefore bearers of the blood of the angel Raziel, the Dark Shadowhunters can utilize the angelic Marks of the Gray Book in order to temporarily boost their strength, agility, speed, healing, fortitude, and precision. They also utilize Runes for clairvoyance, controlling time, binding others to them, soundlessness, mind reading, invisibility, and deflecting projectiles.
  • Superhuman Agility - Dark Shadowhunters possess superior agility with or without the angelic Agility Rune and can jump high into the air and across long distances.