Brain-Interactive Construct
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Brainiac
Gender Not Applicable
Race Not Applicable
Faction Unaligned
Health Not Applicable
Level Advanced Superpowered Artificial Intelligence
Status Online
Location Earth
The Brain-Interactive Construct is an advanced Kryptonian artificial intelligence that was designed by the scientist Dax-Ur to serve the Kryptonian people and engineered by Jor-El. The Construct was forcibly seized by the Military Council and reprogrammed as a instrument of war against the forces of the terrorist group Black Zero. Known as Brainiac, the Construct adapted to become ruthless and cunning; inheriting the militaristic barbarity as well as the xenophobic elitism and genius that drove the military leader of Krypton, General Dru-Zod. Following Krypton's destruction, Brainiac followed the baby Kal-El to Earth intent of fulfilling his last objective: Terminate Kal-El.