Blood is a fluid that runs through a creature's body. In the supernatural world, it is used as the main component for blood magic, and more commonly, as the source of a Vampire's strength.

Human BloodEdit

Human blood is the main source of energy for a vampire. In every piece of folklore, vampires always prey upon human blood. For vampires, human blood is like water for humans.

Witch BloodEdit

Witch blood provides the same amount of nourishment as non-supernatural human blood. However, if the blood belongs to a natural witch who possesses Hereditary Magic, the blood can produce a variety of effects on the vampire.

Monster BloodEdit

Vampires don't normally consume monster blood, but some vampires can adjust to consuming monster blood if their will is strong enough.

Vampire BloodEdit

Vampire Blood works the same way as other monsters, and as such, a vampire with enough will power can grow to feed on it. The Original Vampire Mikael grew to hunt vampires and feed on their blood instead of humans.

Angel BloodEdit

Since Angels are heavenly beings, if a vampire were to drink the blood of amy angel's vessel, they will burn from the inside out, due to the concentration of White Magic in the blood.

Nephilim BloodEdit

Since Nephilim are part angel, their blood still burns the vampire, though the intensity varies depending on what percentage angel they are. If they are near mortal, the burn will be less severe, but if they are 3/4ths angel, then the burn will be excruciating.

Demon BloodEdit

Since Demons are human souls that have been tortured and corrupted to black smoke, demon blood proves to be very toxic and acidic to vampires who consume it.

Cambion BloodEdit

If a vampire consumes Cambion blood, then the cambion can use this blood connection to control their actions and minds from afar. They can also make the blood acidic like demon blood if they choose to.

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