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Vital statistics
Title Lilin
Son of Lilith
Gender Male
Race Vampire (Demonically Possessed)
Faction Lilin
Health Immortal
Level Demonically Enhanced Vampire
Status Undead
Location North America

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Powers Edit

  • Demonically Enhanced Vampirism: Blackout is unique among vampires. In addition to being an ancient vampire with over 2,000 years of experience, Blackheart is possessed of the spirit of a shadow demon of decay descended from the Lilin Clan; the children of Lilith. This affords him immunity to sunlight as well as fire. This makes him a considerable challenge to Ghost Rider, as Blackout can resist the force of Hellfire to a limited degree. Like all vampires, Blackout's canines and fingernails are elongated and sharpened to a fine point sufficient for severing flesh to allow him to feed; requiring blood once every week.
    • Immortality:
      • Accelerated Healing:
        • Superhuman Durability:
    • Superhuman Strength: Blackout possesses the combined strength of a vampire further strengthened by the presence of a Lilin demon spirit within his undead body. His raw strength is comparable to that of 20 able-bodied men; sufficient to lift a full car over his head with ease as well as subdue any mortal prey almost effortlessly. As an ancient vampire of over 2,000 years of time within the Blood, Blackout is significantly more physically powerful compared to other vampires. He is strong enough to challenge Ghost Rider in direct combat with exertion, though the Rider is generally more potent than Blackout.
    • Superhuman Speed:
      • Superhuman Reflexes:
    • Superhuman Agility:
      • Supernatural Adhesion:
    • Heightened Senses:
      • Night Vision:
      • Enhanced Hearing:
      • Enhanced Olfaction:

Mind Compulsion Edit

  • Limited Telepathy:
  • Glamour:
  • Dream Invasion:

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Vulnerabilities Edit

  • Wooden Stakes:
  • Holy Water:
  • Consecrated Ground:
  • Blessed Holy Symbols:
  • Decapitation:

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