Fallen Archangel

Infernal Rank

Demon King

Infernal Titles

Demon of Flesh
Angel of Hostility
Demon of Worthlessness
Demon of Lawlessness
Great Beast
Lord of Lies
Wicked One
False-Titled Son of God

Notable Diabolic Abilities

Vomit Inducing
Hemorrhage Inducing
Seizure Inducing
Psychic Impression Interpretation
Urge Compulsion
Lie Detection
Fire Healing
Truth Compulsion
Tactile Telepathy
Voice Mimicry
Bat Form
Snake Form
Snake Communion

Belial is a higher demon known as the Lord of Lies, the Wicked One, and the Great Beast. He is one of Lucifer's most venerable demons. He was created next to Lucifer, making him among the first choir of angels, and is ranked among the Kings or Archdukes of Hell, with dominion over 80 Infernal Legions.

Deceitful and evil-hearted, he is considered equal to Beelzebub. He is often called the Demon of Lawlessness. His other titles are the Demon of Worthlessness, the Demon of Flesh, and the False-Titled Son of God. He is associated with chaos, sexuality, blood, vampires, and immorality.

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