Angelic Possession refers to the unique form of possession exhibited by angels. Unlike demons or vengeful spirits, which may possess hosts with impunity, angels require both the consent of the vessel as well as said vessel belonging to a particular bloodline able to contain them.

Specifications Edit

True Vessels Edit

A 'true vessel' refers to a single human who is preordained by fate to serve as a particular angel's vessel during a certain time period or event. While anyone directly kin to the true vessel can safely hold the angel, only this one human is regarded as the angel's proper vessel.

Attributes Edit
  • True vessels are unaffected both by an angel's true voice as well as the blinding radiance their presence gives off when they are disembodied. This is true not just of their own angel, but also of any celestial beings they may encounter. This makes them valuable mediums of light.
  • True vessels have a telepathic link or 'open phone-line' with their possessing angel. This link can only be instigated by chanting an Enochian summoning spell into the ear of the vessel and invoking the angel by name. This link also allows the angel to invade the vessel's dreams.
  • In addition to being able to host their own angel, true vessels may hold another angel for a time before they must return to Heaven or find their own vessels. This is a temporary affair as the possessing angel will instinctively be driven out by the vessel's unaccommodating body.
  • If a true vessel undergoes a physiological change which compromises its integrity as a host, such as being changed into another creature (i.e., a vampire), the angel may still possess its vessel and slowly 'cleanse' or rewrite its genetic makeup back into that of a healthy human.
Known Bloodlines Edit
  • Cain's Descendants; Those descended from the Father of Murder share his Mark; a curse which ensures that any malice they do unto others shall be inflicted onto themselves sevenfold. The descendants of Cain are among the most potent of angel bloodlines, made to host the fallen cherub Lucifer himself.
  • Abel's Descendants; The descendants of Abel are regarded with reverence by the angels. The Abelites usually live charmed lives, even those from unfortunate backgrounds; usually manifesting in sensuality. Abelites are perhaps the most potent of the bloodlines, made to host the seraph Michael himself.

Substitute Vessels Edit