Angelic Possession is a unique form of possession in which an angel takes possession of a human body, or vessel. Because angels are spiritual beings with no physical or bodily presence, they must merge with human flesh and blood in order to physically exist.

True VesselsEdit

It is worth noting that angels can take possession of any vessel. However, only one person can be an angel's true or permanent vessel. True vessel are individual humans who are predestined to serve as an angel's vessel. True vessels have two notable benefits; they suffer no ill affects while the angel's presence is within them; and the angel has access to its full power.

True Vessel AbilitiesEdit

Before possession, true vessels have certain abilities which stem from their angels.

  • A telepathic "phone line" between the vessel and his or her angel. The angel can hear everything that its vessel does on Earth, even before it takes possession of him or her. The angel can also speak into the vessel's mind and hear him or her in return.
  • True vessels can safely hear and understand their angel's true voices.
  • They can behold their angel's light without suffering any adverse affects. 
  • They are immune to their angel's offensive powers.
  • True vessel are immune to demonic possession or possession by any other spirits.
  • Angels can only possess their vessels if they have the vessel's consent.

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