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"I was given life 200 years ago. I am like none other. We do not ask for the lives we are given, but each of us has the right to defend that life. I have fought to defend that life. And when the forces of darkness return, you shall know that I am out there fighting to defend yours. I, descender of the demon horde. I, my father's son. I...Frankenstein."

Adam Frankenstein is the protagonist of the 2014 film I, Frankenstein. An artificial human being created by science, using electricity to reanimate the parts of various corpses.


Early LifeEdit

In the winter of 1795, Dr. Victor Frankenstein creates a monster, a soulless creature patched together from corpses. Victor also promised Adam that he would make him a companion, someone like Adam. And then eventually, no only does Victor break that promise, but out of fear of his creation, he rejected it and tried to destroy it, wrapping it in cloth and chains and dropping it to the bottom of a river. But the creature survived and returned to find his creator. In a fit of rage, the creature kills Victor's wife Elizabeth and Victor chases it to the far north Arctic to get revenge, but succumbs to the cold weather, freezing to death. The creature then carries and buries his creator in his family cemetery.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"You have strength and speed and stamina far beyond that of any human. You could use those gifts."

Despite being merely a soulless creatures put together from a dozen other used body parts, Adam possesses numerous physical abilities, such as strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, and stamina, that are far beyond those of humans and uses those "gifts" to fight.

  • Immortality - As an artificially generated human being, Adam does not physically age and has the potential to live forever. He is 200 years of age and has not aged since the moment of his creation in 1795, making him 220 years old.
  • Super Strength - Adam's strength is beyond that of an athletic human, making him several times stronger than the average human beings. He is strong enough to easily fight up against humans and other supernatural creatures such as demons and gargoyles and battle them with equal measure.
  • Super Speed - Adam's speed, agility, and reflexes are beyond that of an athletic human. His reflexes are fast enough to catch weapons being swung at him.
  • Super Stamina - Adam's stamina is beyond that of an athletic human.
  • Skilled Fighter - As he was trained by Gargoyles, Adam is a very skilled fighter and is capable of fight both demons and gargoyles.
  • Immunity to Cold - Adam is immune to even the coldest of tempuratures.

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